Anders Bråten

​​Quick Facts

23 Year Old

From Tyristrand, Norway

Mechanic at Johanssons Auto AS

Rallycross Driver in FIA EuroRX

Compete in The Touringcar Class

Racing a Ford Fiesta Mk.VII

​​Fun Facts


Model in Two Photo Sessions a Year

Driving BMW 1-Series when Home

Train Every Winter in a Volvo 240RX

Race Records

20 International Races

17 International Semifinals

12 International Finals

9 International Podiums

3rd in Fia EuroRx 2014

1st in EuroRx of Italy 2014

Club Champion in 2010 & 2015

3 Times Winner of NM Rally National

The Story 

In early age Anders Bråten was fond of everything with an engine stuck to it. From an electric "car" as a 2year old, to different dirt bikes 50CC, 90CC and 125CC in the childhood. He did also race in competition with his dirt bike at Jevnaker MotoX track. Eventually something else caught Anders attention, stock car racing. The Norwegian folk-race. Inspired by his uncle and father that was already racing. At age of 15, he became a part of Team Autosalg. ​It was now allowed to train in the Jr-division, and the following year he started competing. Anders ran folk-race in some years, with Opel Manta and Volvo 240's but it was easy to see that he wanted something more.

In 2009 he tested his father’s Volvo S40 Evo Rallycross car at a closed track at Gardemoen. It became clear that it was about time to take the correct license, and wait to turn 18years and be allowed to drive the races. Anders did not turn 18years before July, so we followed him for another year in the folk-race.  But in the fall of 2010 he entered his first race. It was a clubrace and he won! He continued to drive the 2.4 liter, 290hp strong Volvo S40 Evo in the season of 2011.

In the season of 2012 the engine was given a new shell. The lighter and smaller chassis of a Ford Fiesta MK.VII was built in Sweden, and the car was ready. Anders ran the 2012 season in Norway, but at this point it was clear that if we wanted to think bigger, and now was the right moment. A new engine was ordered to the 2013 season. And the Fiestas decoration was altered a little to the new season. Now the 2.4 liter Volvo Evo engine was taken out, and the new Ford 2.0 liter Duratec engine was put in to meet the regulations of the European Touringcar league. In this season Anders ran some hillclimb and some rallycross back in Norway, but the important changes was that he was set to drive 3 rounds in the European Championship.

He debuted 30th March 2013 at the legendary Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Great Britain. In June he was jet again ready for a race in the European league and this time on home ground in HELL Norway. After some tough rounds and even tougher final, Anders and his team could celebrate his first ever European medal, as he crossed the finish line in 3rd place. The date to remember 16.June! After the race in Norway a decision was made, and the team extended the participation in the European RX championship with another 2 rounds. So at this point Sweden, France and Germany was left. Sweden and France was set to be two of his toughest races mentally, since the trouble with the car never seems to stop. The races were fantastic as a spectator, but as a driver, the thoughts of not running Germany and try to figure out what was wrong with the car was mentioned more than once. But we looked forward and a lot of hours was put down in the Fiesta before the race in Germany. The team bus was filled up with people, and the trolley with the car was connected to the rear. It was set for the trip to Estering in Germany and the 2013 RX final run. The hours with the car paid off, and 22th September of 2013. Anders could celebrate jet another triumph and this time the 2nd place. 


The 2014 started as mentioned before with a new team name, and a registered company and a lot of other news. First the colors was altered and the look got more professional. A new logo was developed. We made a more professional approach towards the sponsors and the way we give them feedback. And a homepage was created. Also the car got some upgrades and was prepared for the complete European Touringcar Championship of 2014. The test was set to be done in the Norwegian Hill Climb Championship in Vikersund, just 15minuts from were Anders grew up.  And the test was promising, as he finished 4th.

The 2014 European Championship stared at the track of Montalegre in Portugal. A beautiful track with spectacular view all around. The race was a bit troubling intermediate, and Anders got the last "ticket" to the final. He then showed us that he could take the opportunity, and finished 3rd in the season opening. The team could make the 3100km journey home celebrating. Next up was the cradle of rallycross. The famous Lydden Hill track that Anders debuted on the year before. This time he was more ignited than ever and finished 3rd after day one and the intermediate rounds. Race day

two was going to be even better as heat finished first in his Semi-final and with some minor problems in the final finished 2nd, only 0,9sec behind the winner !


Its a lot of story left to be told, and even more left to be written! We update as fast as we got time.