About Us

Anders Bråten Norwegian Rallycross Team more often known as ABRX , is the team behind the driver Anders Bråten.

Anders Bråten Norwegian Rallycross Team became registered as a company in January 2014. In order to be more organized and professional when we compete in international races as well as national races. ABRX existence is based upon sponsorship, volunteers , passion and hours of hours of hard work!

3 Key Features About ABRX


The people behind ABRX is passionate in what they do. Some of the team members have a history from motorsport, either as a driver or from another team. We have an eye for the details and when we work together we really put our heart and feelings in to perfecting of our craft. One thing we got in common. We really love the sport and that's what makes us become that passionate about this team, and seeking perfection and glory together with Anders Bråten.


To live of driving a racecar is a dream yet to be fulfilled. Everything that is coming from the sponsors is going straight into the team, and to developing the team and the car. Everyone in the team do what they do because they love the sport, and what they get back is the experiences from the events and being a great group of people together on the road. And when we succeed: Then we get the feeling, you only get when a group of people can join in a team, build a racecar and accomplish successful result on the track.

Give Back

It's important for Anders and ABRX to give back. So what is it to give when our assets go to the racing itself ? Ourself! We show up for our sponsors whenever we have the opportunity. If something is happening in the local community, then we try to be there. Maybe the most important thing we do when we are arond  racing, we try to include so many people and fans as possible, by being open and available for them on races and in the time between races.